Green Tea or Lemon Tea Who's Better?

Who is better in green tea or lemon tea? These questions often persist in people's minds because, in today's time, every house starts with morning tea and tea, by removing our cold, fatigue and lethargy. Refreshes Tea tea has its own fun, everybody has their own different way of drinking tea. Any black tea, green tea, lemon tea, no basil tea, everyone's own test is different. If you get healthy tea with morning-morning Exercise, then fat can be easily removed. Lemon Tea or Green Tea Who will be more helpful in reducing your weight today, today we are going to know about this.

One of the most popular ways of losing weight is to drink lemon tea or green tea. Where people think of green tea better than tea and coffee, many people quench the thirst of the cold drink by putting lemons in lukewarm water. But in the morning, both of them use them to do weight loss. Now the question is, who is the one who works for both, ie Green Tea vs. Lemon Tea. Come, let's learn how both work and how it helps in removing obesity from our body.

How to work lemon tea?

Lemon tea is much less calorie than ordinary tea or cold drink. If honey is mixed in sugar instead, its effect is doubled. Lemon contains vitamin C which exits dirt with blood. Drinking freshness prevents it from drinking.

Hajma is also better than drinking lemon tea. Lemon contains Potassium which accelerates our metabolism and digestive tract. Vitamin C also helps in losing weight.

The Right Way to Drink Lemon Tea

  1. Add lemon juice to black tea and drink plenty of it.

2. Therapeutic properties can be increased by adding ginger, cinnamon, basil, etc. to lemon tea.

Who is more beneficial to both Green Tea or Lemon Tea?

Elements present in green tea such as "L-Theanine" and polyphenols make it more beneficial to lose weight.

However, this reduces the weight only when proper exercise and diet are followed. Lemon tea also has the weight loss properties and it is equally beneficial. It is also worth noting that drinking an excessive amount of green tea can lead to several types of losses. This means that green tea or lemon tea is beneficial for health only if they are taken correctly.

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